Rob Macdonnell wins « BENE ».

We have received many honours over the years for our original designs for churches and chapels, for liturgical furnishings, for silver work and stained glass.

A notable example is the BENE award presented by Ministry and Liturgy magasine to our liturgical artist, Rob Macdonnell, for his designs for five windows in the baptistry of Immaculate Heart of Mary Church in Riverview, New Brunswick.

The parish requested designs which would illustrate the themes of the 5 Sundays of Lent in order to highlight its program for the Christian initiation of adults.

For the work entitled “Lenten Journey”, the artist used the image of a labyrinth as a symbol for the pilgrimage or spiritual journey which new Christians undertake during the weeks leading up to Easter.

The first window displays a simple labyrinth as its motif. The labyrinth then reappears in various forms in the following four windows.

lentJourney11. The temptation in the desert
The labyrinth is introduced as a metaphor for the spiritual Journey.




lentJourney22. The transfiguration
Portions of the labyrinth signify glimpses of enlightenment.




lentJourney33. The woman at the well
Living water flows from the centre of the labyrinth.




lentJourney44. The man born blind
Bright fragments of the labyrinth represent the gradual return of sight.




lentJourney55. The resurrection of Lazarus
From the darkness of the tomb, light appears at the center of the labyrinth.